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STOP: Sacramento Citizens Launch Petition Drive to Force Vote on Arena Funding

A group of concerned citizens in Sacramento called the Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (STOP) has launched a petition drive to force a public referendum on the proposed $255 million in city funds that will go toward a new $391 million arena for the Kings. Just a few weeks ago, the city, the Kings, and the NBA announced a tentative deal for a new arena. The city’s share reportedly would largely come from the revenues it collects from city-owned parking lots near the arena. But as Neil deMause points out over at, that’s not for certain, which could leave the city scrambling to figure out how to pay its share.

Considering the Sacramento public overwhelmingly rejected paying for a new Kings arena last time there was a vote, it is very troubling that the city council has approved funding a new arena without another vote. Sports Fans Coalition supports STOP and their efforts to prevent the latest example of sports team owners extorting money from the public. (See also: Minnesota)

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