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BCS to Recommend College Football Final Four

The 11 college athletics conference commissioners (and Notre Dame’s athletic director) announced today that they will recommend to university presidents a four-team playoff starting in 2014. What exactly that will look like or how it will work remains to be decided. But the BCS did announce that 8- and 16-team playoff scenarios are off the table.

Here are a few options as explained by CBSSports.com’s Brett McMurphy:

• A four-team playoff with the semifinals and final rotated among the existing BCS bowl games (Sugar, Fiesta, Orange and Rose).

• A four-team playoff with the semifinals rotated among the existing BCS bowl games with the final held at a neutral site. The site of the final would be determined by a bid process, similar to how the Super Bowl is awarded.

• A four-team playoff with the semifinals and final held at either the existing BCS bowl game sites or neutral sites, determined by a bid process.

The BCS also announced the end of AQ (Automatic Qualifying) status for conferences, which had led to ridiculous reshuffling the past few years. But the bigger leagues will still receive more revenue.

Here’s the statement from the BCS on the developments. The changes must be adopted by the NCAA Presidential Oversight Committee later this summer.

Stay tuned for more on this…

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