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THIS WEEKEND: The NFL Hates Bills, Chargers and Raiders Fans

Three teams’ fans will be blacked out this weekend thanks to the absurd, archaic, unethical, counterproductive NFL blackout rule. Sorry, fans in San Diego, Buffalo and Oakland. The NFL and your owners continue to hate you. They simply view you in terms of your potential profitability for them.

Thus far in the 2012 NFL season, there have been 12 blackouts including this weekend’s games.

Oakland’s blackout marks the first blackout in 13 games. The Raiders were one of the few teams to adopt the NFL’s 85% threshold policy for blackouts.

Buffalo’s blackout is the first (and not likely the last) blackout this season.

San Diego’s blackout is the third this season.

Here’s the full list of blackouts:

Week 1
Tampa Bay (Carolina)

Week 3
San Diego (Atlanta)

Week 4
Tampa Bay (Washington)

Week 6
Tampa Bay (KC)

Week 10
Tampa Bay (San Diego)
Cincinnati (New York Giants)

Week 12
Tampa Bay (Atlanta)
San Diego (Baltimore)

Week 13
Oakland (Cleveland)
San Diego (Cincinnati)
Buffalo (Jacksonville)

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