We spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars on a new stadium. Why can’t I afford some good tickets?

And why, when I can’t make it to the arena (maybe because I can’t afford the tickets), has the game been “blacked out” so I can’t watch it on TV?

Why, when NCAA colleges and universities receive public resources, can I still not afford tickets?

And when every serious college football fan in America wants a real playoff, why must we settle for a bogus BCS bowl game?

Why can my neighbor who gets TV from one company watch my local sports team, but those of us who get TV from another company can’t?

The answer has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the multi-billion dollar sports and media industries that control the game — literally. The U.S. laws and government actions overall have made things worse, not better, for sports fans. For every one of the questions above, you probably can find a law on the books or an action by a government official taken to protect, serve, or otherwise help the sports industry and their partners. The sports fan simply was not at the table when those deals were made. The results have been fabulous for the sports industry: they get everything from a special exemption from federal laws that govern every other business; to special protections from competition; to vast public resources, courtesy of citizens like you. Meanwhile, you –the sports fan– get to pay more and receive less. It’s time to change all that. The Sports Fans Coalition has one goal: to give you a seat at the table whenever laws or public policy impacting sports are being made.

SFC is the American sports fan’s advocate in the Washington D.C. public policy arena and around the country for:

  • Fair return to the fans for public resources used in sports, and
  • Fair access to sporting events at the game and in the media.

We are a new, non-profit organization made up of sports fans who want to have a say in how the sports industry works, and to put fans first. We have a board of directors made up of sports fans who happen to know something about how the business of sports is run and how the business of government gets done. Professional and collegiate sports, and their distribution partners, are multi-billion dollar industries with armies of lobbyists in Washington, D.C., state capitols, and city halls around the country. The fans who actually buy the tickets, watch the games, wear the merchandise, and make the system work, however, don’t have such representation. SFC will change that. We give the sports fans a voice in Washington, D.C. and around the country.

We are a community that you can be an official member of in order to receive exclusive updates, information, and voting ability. There are currently our membership options:

Collegiate Fan ($3/month): In school but still a fan? Our collegiate fan option will give you a voice in the Sports Fans community.

Casual Fan ($5/month): If you like sports, but can stop watching. Membership includes monthly member newsletter.

Super Fan ($10/month): You only stop watching sports for emergencies. Receive our newsletter and the eligibility to vote on our agenda.

Fan-Atic ($20/month): You need sports more than food or water. Includes our monthly newsletter, voting eligibility, exclusive raffles, and more!