Belichick Jukes Reporters on Concussion Issue

Imagine the level of outrage among high school students’ parents if they heard their kids’ football coach say, "Your children's health is not really my job."

Now, imagine if it were a youth football coach saying that. Most coaches in that situation would be fired. But, once again, Bill Belichick is the exception. At some point in Belichick’s “celebrated” coaching career, we decided to hold him to a different standard. A standard where, for some reason, it’s ok for him not to care about the health and safety of his players.

Responding to reporters at the Patriots’ minicamp after Tom Brady's alleged concussion from last season, an accusation made by his wife, Gisele Bundchen, Belichick said, "That's not really my job. That's what we have medical staff for."

Yes, the Patriots have a medical staff to treat and care for the players but, while it's not his primary job, the head coach of any team, at any level, is responsible for the well-being of his players. He witnesses his players perform in games and at practice and, especially with a player like Brady, should know when something's off.

The issue of concussions and the NFL’s cover-up is one that SFC deeply cares about. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us that a quarterback with Brady’s tenure has received concussions. Unfortunately, Belichick's ambivalence to his star player's health is even less surprising. After all, after deflate-gate, we know that he'll do anything to win. When pressed about the health issue, he avoided a response by saying, "Yea, I think I've talked about that quite a bit. Our foundation supports that cause. Personally, I've spent a lot of time on it." At least we know he can inflate something — his ego.


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