What's next after beating the NFL?

Last week we told you about the origins of the Sports Fans Coalition...

When we were founded, we took on the NFL's archaic, absurd blackout rules that allowed home games to be blacked out if the game wasn't sold out before kickoff. Thousands of people joined the effort, and together we got the FCC to unanimously rule in favor of getting rid of their blackout rules.

So why are we still around today? There are a few reasons.

First, The NFL can still blackout games, but they have voluntarily suspended their blackout rules for the past few seasons (and are doing so again this year). We need to address that.

But it goes beyond the NFL. Time and time again—from new stadium costs and team relocation, to rampant corruption and a lack of protection for players—fans getting a raw deal from the teams and the leagues they love and support. It happens in the NBA, and the NHL, and Major League Baseball. Fans, communities, and players are still being exploited by owners and league executives.

So today, our main focus is making sure the sports you love don't take you for granted. And there is strength in numbers. Join the Sports Fans Coalition to get involved in our fight today.

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