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A Texas-sized stadium ripoff deal

We’ve written before how bad the new Texas Rangers stadium proposal is for fans. And now it’s nearly decision time.  Continue reading

Greedy Owners Can Ruin Anything, Even the World Series

With the All-Cinderella-Story World Series under way, baseball fans in Cleveland and Chicago pinching themselves to make sure they aren’t living in the early 20th Century, and the Great Lakes region of the country finally getting more attention than the Northeast or West Coast, one could be forgiven for thinking that we have entered a new era of sports fandom, a throwback to a simpler, nicer time.  Not so fast. Continue reading

Yup, it can cost THAT much to go to a game

We don’t have to tell you that it can cost a lot to go to a game. But after tickets, parking, food, drinks, and fan gear, have you ever added it all up? Continue reading

Why we’re watching the possible NFL move to Las Vegas

Nevada legislators have spoken. Continue reading

Is the NHL finally admitting its concussion problem?

The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one in the first place. We laid out our hopes for the NHL to address concussions at the end of last season. So how is the league doing on its responsibility to protect its players? It's making progress — and making us hopeful.   Continue reading

Another Reason to Hate Stan Kroenke

I have been a St. Louis Rams my entire life. My family had season tickets to Rams games for nearly five years. Through all the consistently mediocre seasons, coaching changes, and poor decision- making, I stood by the Rams until the very end. Continue reading

Holy cow the government spent $3.7 billion on sports stadiums since 2000

"Your tax dollars at work." We see these signs posted near highway construction sites all the time. Now we need to post them in front of dozens of stadiums and arenas around the country. Continue reading

Four Hall of Fame Olympic Fans

The athletes in Rio are putting on a can't-miss show, but the fans are giving them some pretty serious competition. Continue reading

Kroenke vs. Jones: who wins the title of “worst NFL owner?”

Football is back. The Dallas Cowboys face off against the Los Angeles Rams this Saturday for the first game of the preseason and the first NFL game in L.A. in 21 years. Continue reading

Let's pause for a minute and talk about why we love football

The NFL preseason kicks off this Sunday with the Hall of Fame Game between the Packers and the Colts in Canton, Ohio. Continue reading