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Here's the fans agenda for the NFL Spring Meetings

Last week we asked sports fans what they thought NFL owners should talk about during their spring meetings. Here are the three big issues that kept coming up, over and over again. Continue reading

The fans win again as the NFL returns pay-for-patriotism money

Last year, we learned that the NFL and other sports leagues had received millions of dollars from the Department of Defense in "pay-for-patriotism" displays. Yesterday, we saw the power fans wield when they work together to right a wrong. In this case, it was a particularly egregious wrong.  Continue reading

Speak out at the NFL spring meetings

It's not quite The Godfather's epic meeting of the five families, but it's close. Continue reading

Stop Raiding Taxpayers to Pay for Stadiums that Leave Fans High and Dry

Recently, Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis was in Nevada to pitch a state panel on a $1.4 billion stadium deal. Using the rosiest of rose-colored glasses, Davis and others have essentially portrayed the new stadium as a gift for taxpayers and an economic boon for Las Vegas. But that's not the case... Continue reading

Sports Fans Hall of Fame: Superhero dad saves son from flying baseball bat

The photo stops you in your tracks: A bewildered boy, a flying baseball bat, an outstretched arm between them. It's the stuff that nightmares are made of, but thanks to a father's instincts, this time there was a happy ending. Continue reading

The NFL draft is over. Now what?

On Saturday, Kalan Reed out of Southern Miss became Mr. Irrelevant—the last player taken in the NFL draft. And with his selection, one of the most exciting events of the offseason has ended. But before you break into a sweat wondering how you’ll get by without football, take a minute to relax. Because another big NFL moment is coming up, and Sports Fans Coalition needs your help. Continue reading

What's next after beating the NFL?

Last week we told you about the origins of the Sports Fans Coalition... Continue reading

The NFL Draft. So fun, until you remember the owners.

You know what's pretty cool? The NFL Draft. Seriously: On no other night can you watch your favorite college players making lifelong dreams come true while your favorite NFL teams (hopefully) find the building blocks for Super Bowl runs. But we all know that for these young men, it isn't always roses. Continue reading

How We Beat the NFL

The NFL has done some greedy and selfish things over the years. But one of the worst has got to be sticking by its harmful blackout rules well into the 21st century. You know what we're talking about. Continue reading

The NFL and streaming: Two steps forward, three steps back

We were about to do something unprecedented a couple of weeks ago: Congratulate the NFL on a move that would be unequivocally good for fans. News broke that Twitter had won the right to live-stream, FOR FREE, Thursday Night football games in the upcoming season. Continue reading