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Two key issues for the NBA to address this offseason

On Sunday, an extraordinary basketball season climaxed with the Game 7 matchup between basketball's top two stars. In the end, Lebron James dropped a triple-double as the Cavaliers edged Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, earning the playoff MVP award and bringing a championship to Cleveland after the city endured more than half a century of pro sports futility. Now that we've caught our breath, let's look at two key issues facing the NBA that fans should be paying attention to this summer. Continue reading

We knew the owners could be shady, but just look at this list of ways they're screwing the fans

A couple weeks ago, we put the owners of our favorite teams on watch. For too long, they've gotten away with anti-fan behavior — making profits more important than the fan experience, in ways big and small. Continue reading

Hey NFL, we have a few questions for you

It's time to get some answers from the NFL. Continue reading

Now the Texas Rangers want a new stadium. This is getting ridiculous.

Here we go again. The Texas Rangers have decided that their stadium, Global Life Park, is obsolete and needs to be replaced. Continue reading

Fan Hall of Fame: Maverick the Ace

Our latest inductee to the Fan Hall of Fame may be small, but he's as tough as they come. Continue reading

The NFL is trying to continue its concussion cover-up, and we're going to stop them

Last week we heard about the NFL's attempts to influence government research into the long-term effects of football-related concussions. But this isn't the only thing the NFL has done recently to try to tilt the playing field in its favor.  Continue reading

NFL called out by Congress for trying to sway concussion research

It's a familiar story: The NFL is dead-set on denying the link between football and long-term damage from concussions, so it does whatever it takes to stack the facts in its favor. Except this time, the league got caught red-handed. Continue reading

The owners of America's sports teams are being put on watch

Team owners. The only words in sports that annoys us more than "TV Timeout." Owners make us pay an arm and a leg to see our favorite team, force us to foot the bill for new stadiums they should be paying for themselves, and price concessions on par with a five-star restaurant. Continue reading

Here's the fans agenda for the NFL Spring Meetings

Last week we asked sports fans what they thought NFL owners should talk about during their spring meetings. Here are the three big issues that kept coming up, over and over again. Continue reading

The fans win again as the NFL returns pay-for-patriotism money

Last year, we learned that the NFL and other sports leagues had received millions of dollars from the Department of Defense in "pay-for-patriotism" displays. Yesterday, we saw the power fans wield when they work together to right a wrong. In this case, it was a particularly egregious wrong.  Continue reading