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SFC Endorses Senator Booker's College Athletes Bill of Rights

College athletes work long and hard to support a multi-billion dollar enterprise from which they are largely cut out from the profits. Sports Fans Coalition has long advocated for name, image, and likeness rights, health care for student-athletes, and much more. SFC has fought for and alongside college athletes in state legislatures. Now, SFC is excited to join the fight in Washington. Continue reading

SFC Opposes FCC Lifting Charter's Merger Conditions

Today, Sports Fans Coalition filed at the Federal Communications Commission alongside Public Knowledge opposing relief on Charter Communication’s merger conditions. Public Knowledge is a public interest group which  promotes freedom of expression, an open internet, and access to affordable communications tools and creative works. Sports Fans Coalition has partnered with Public Knowledge many times before to protect sports fans access to online and televised sports.  Continue reading

SFC's Statement on Racism, Police Brutality, and Violence

Sports Fans Coalition condemns police brutality, racism, and violence. The murder of George Floyd is the latest of a centuries-old list of African-Americans whose lives were taken far too soon. It is time that sports fans take stock on their role in this. Continue reading

Virginia Passes Sports Bettors Bill of Rights

On April 30th, Virginia became the second state this year to legalize sports betting. Not only that, but Virginia also became the second jurisdiction, after Washington, DC, to fully adopt the Sports Bettors Bill of Rights, making it the most consumer-friendly legal marketplace in the country. Effective July 1, 2020, sports bettors in Virginia will be guaranteed the rights to integrity and transparency, data privacy, self-exclusion, protection of the vulnerable, and recourse.  Continue reading

A Family's Pastime

A couple of weeks ago, as St. Paddy’s Day was approaching, New York Yankees fans had been counting down the days to the start of another baseball season, and the holiday known as “Opening Day,” and suddenly everything came to an abrupt stop! Continue reading

The First Domino

I watched it happen in real-time. I saw the reaction of the players, the coaches, the referees on the court, the ESPN broadcasters, the fans, the owner. It was devastating and all too real to be happening already. I had been closely following and reading the news, specifically New York Times, of the (at the time) impending global health crisis, so I knew it was coming to the US soon. I just didn’t think it would happen this quickly, a Wednesday night in early March. It didn’t seem real, that the NBA would close as swiftly as a pin drop, falling from the not so distant sky and landing right on my personal map, shattering my present, my daily life. Continue reading

Coping with No Sports

It's been almost a week with no sports. No March Madness, no MLB, and even pick-up games have dwindled. Times are hard, and I find myself rooting for anything I can; the dogs wrestling, the squirrels racing outside, and especially our doctors and nurses to get a leg up on the COVID competition.  Continue reading

Maryland S 4 poised to pass with Sports Fans Coalition’s Sports Bettors’ Bill of Rights.

On March 5th, 2020 the Maryland State Senate is expected to pass S 4 to legalize sports betting. The bill’s passage marks one of the earliest sports betting legalization bills in the country to prioritize the sports bettor over the casino industry. Sports Fans Coalition has advocated that the “Sports Bettors Bill of Rights” be included in S 4.  Continue reading

SFC Endorses SAFE PLAY Act

This week Senator Bob Menendez (D NJ) and Representative Bill Pascrell (D NJ-9) introduced the Supporting Athletes, Families, and Educators to Protect the Lives of Athletic Youth Act (S. 3347). The SAFE PLAY Act will improve youth athlete safety by focusing on education and awareness of cardiac issues, concussions, and heat-related illnesses. It also directs the CDC and Department of Education to collaborate on new guidelines for emergency action plans for youth athletes.  Continue reading

SFC Names 2019 Most Valuable Policymaker Awards

It's championship season in Washington, DC. The Mystics won their first WNBA championship, the Nationals won their first World Series, and three elected officials won their first Most Valuable Policymaker Award. Continue reading