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Sports Bettors' Bill of Rights Addressed in Congress

For the past couple of months, industry stakeholders have been working with policymakers to pass legislation that legalizes sports betting. However, They’ve been doing so without much regard to consumer protections — namely, SFC’s Sports Bettors’ Bill of Rights. Continue reading

Sports Fans vs. Sinclair: Game Highlights

Tribune’s announcement that it ended the buyout agreement with Sinclair this week represents the end of a year-long battle between SFC, business interests, and other public interest advocates and Sinclair. Now that the $3.9 Billion takeover is over, let’s look at a few of the highlights that created a true underdog story. Continue reading

The Right to Recourse

The history of sports betting includes well-known cases of fraud and bad actors meddling with winnings. Sports betting legislation though has not addressed “The Right to Recourse.” Lawmakers must ensure that every bet placed is protected in the event a transaction goes awry. The right requires systems and resources, such as internal complaint process information and access to the government regulators’ complaint system, to be conveniently accessible to all sports bettors. Continue reading

The Right to Protection of the Vulnerable

Since unveiling the Bill of Rights earlier this week, thousands of American sports fans have shown their support by signing our petition below. Let’s break down the fourth right for all fans --The Right to Protection of the Vulnerable. Continue reading

The Right to Self-Exclude

Several states are rushing to legalize sports betting for the influx of state tax revenue. Some states are even considering holding a special session to attend to the issue. However, the lack of time spent to address the harms of sports betting is putting consumers at risk. Continue reading

The Right to Data Privacy and Security

The creation of the Sports Bettors’ Bill of Rights draws light upon the lack of consumer protections included in sports betting state legislation since the Supreme Court decision to repeal PASPA. Notably, the states neglect to include strong data privacy provisions which are top-of-mind to many consumers including sports fans. Continue reading

The Right to Integrity and Transparency

States must protect consumers to earn the tax revenues promised by the legalization of sports betting. Without protections, bettors have no incentive to leave the black market and participate in the legitimate market. That is why SFC has created the Sports Bettors’ Bill of Rights. Continue reading

Lip service or reform? You decide.

Yesterday afternoon, the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, Insurance, and Data Security assembled to question the progress made by Michigan State University, the U.S. Olympic Committee, and USA Gymnastics in regard to the sexual assault scandals. Continue reading

Protect Yourself from Sports Betting Harms

In the post-PASPA era industry and consumer advocates have been clamoring to pass sports betting legislation in the states. As of now, ten states have passed sports betting. Sports fans love to bet on their favorite teams. However, SFC worries about this wave of legislation. In an effort for quick cash, states are ignoring valuable consumer protections that would allow the legitimate market to better compete with the black market. Continue reading

Sports Fans Coalition's Letter to Tribune Board of Directors

Today, Brian Hess along with Gene Kimmelman, President, Public Knowledge; Gigi Sohn, Distinguished Fellow, Institute for Technology Law and Policy, Georgetown University Law Center; and Andrew Schwartzman, Benton Senior Counselor, Institute for Public Representation, Georgetown University Law Center sent the below letter to the Tribune Media Board of Directors. The letter encourages the Board to immediately withdraw from the merger with Sinclair Broadcasting. You can view a PDF of the letter here.  Continue reading