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Bringing Michigan's Ticket Laws into the 21st-Century

Sports Fans Coalition is on the front line of ticket reform to protect a free, fair and competitive market for fans. SFC’s Executive Director, Brian Hess, testified before the Michigan House of Representatives about reforming Michigan’s out-of-date ticket laws. Continue reading

Place Your Bets on Sports Betting Regulations

On May 14, 2018, the Supreme Court ended the federal ban on sports betting by vacating the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). The 26-year-old bookmaking prohibition ended after six of the nine justices in Murphy v. NCAA held that the law violated the “anti-commandeering” principle against Congress legislating through the states. The majority reasoned that in prohibiting states from authorizing sports betting, Congress overstepped its constitutional authority by forcing states to legislate against sports betting. Continue reading

It’s Time to Hold USSF Accountable

Sports Fans Coalition may have stopped buying billboards, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped caring about soccer fans everywhere. Since the election, SFC has partnered with Olympic gold medalist and World Cup Champion, Hope Solo, to bring the fight to Washington. Continue reading

The 2018 World Series of Food

For a long time, we’ve said that the prices for concessions at sports stadiums are a rip-off. That doesn’t mean we don’t love ballpark food! The MLB, this weekend, held their inaugural food fest in New York City. All 30 teams sent a dish to highlight. One thing is for sure, peanuts and crackerjacks are so 1908! Continue reading

Shot Clock Runs Out in Utah

State legislators across the country are fighting to protect sports fans from unfair ticketing practices. The latest battle? The transferability of tickets. Continue reading

As Baseball Season Approaches, it's Time to Protect Fans

Today, Sports Fans Coalition testified before the Economic Matters Committee in the Maryland House of Delegates. Continue reading

Congratulations, Mr. Cordeiro

Today, in the third round of voting, Carlos Cordeiro was elected as the next president of US Soccer and it is our hope that he will take the debates that happened during the campaign to heart. Continue reading

FIFA: US Soccer is Failing its Duty

We recently sent a letter to FIFA headquarters in Switzerland. Having spent months studying American soccer, meeting with professional players and coaches, young athletes and officials, we at SFC felt compelled to share what we have learned. Continue reading

Opportunity is Knocking, Are Delegates Listening?

On Feb. 10th, the USSF Presidential Election is a Chance to Take Our Game Back  On October 10, 2017, in a World Cup qualifying game against Trinidad and Tobago, USMNT player Clint Dempsey’s second-half shot hit the post rather than going in the goal, and we failed to make the cut. While I’m sure that missed shot will haunt Dempsey forever, the soccer community should look at it for what it is - a gift. That missed goal opened our eyes to the systemic failures and the need for change at USSF and, as hard as it may be, we should be thankful for it. Continue reading

USSF has Failed its Mission and its Fans

In the latest chapter of the contentious US Soccer election, presidential candidate, Hope Solo, filed a formal complaint with the US Olympic Committee (USOC). Accusing USSF of abandoning its duty as a National Governing body and charging, “the USSF’s paramount concern has become protecting and nurturing the MLS, even if at the expense of other stakeholders, including those involved in professional women’s and amateur soccer.” Continue reading