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A Legal Block in the Back

It’s rare an NFL owner will target the NFL itself. However, Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has had enough of Commissioner Roger Goodell. Continue reading

Statement on HR 1

Earlier this week, House Republicans introduced HR 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. They hope these tax cuts will stimulate the economy. Within in the bill is a provision, Section 3604, that effectively eliminates the federal tax subsidy for sports stadiums. When we received the news, we were happy to see lawmakers addressing this wasteful practice. The section is based on a standalone bill we've been advocating for called the "No Tax Subsidies for Stadiums Act." This bill has bipartisan support from several Democrats and Republicans.  Continue reading

We're winning, Sports Fans!

But there’s still a lot of game time left. Continue reading

The Boogeyman of Sports

Sports have always had a spooky side. Son of Sam stalked the Yankees’ backyard in the 1970s. The Gipper haunts Notre Dame. But today, one of the scariest stories in sports is the tale of David Smith, Executive Chairman of Sinclair Broadcasting Group. Continue reading

FCC Favors Sinclair like Refs Favor Pats

Ever since Sports Fans Coalition came out against the proposed Sinclair/Tribune merger, we have watched as Official Washington seems to be greasing the gears for this anti-fan deal.  In the latest twist, following FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's proposal to eliminate the Main Studio Rule, the FCC voted today 3-2 to eliminate the rule. Now, without the rule, Sinclair won't even have to pretend like they’re local. Continue reading

How Can Fans Solve the CTE Epidemic?

Lately, we’ve been so busy talking tax reform, we’ve forgotten about an equally important issue: concussions. Continue reading

Sports is the Bipartisan Breakthrough

Not too long ago, we asked you, the fans, to write your congressmen asking them to co-sponsor HR. 811 or S. 1342. These bills aim to eliminate the federal tax subsidy of sports stadiums. Right now, teams are exploiting you as taxpayers to finance construction of new sports stadiums. Over the past couple weeks, SFC climbed Capitol Hill, ran the labyrinth of the office buildings, and advocated on your behalf. Why should you subsidize a stadium you may never visit? Across the political spectrum, the people were sympathetic to the cause. Continue reading

Maryland, It's Time to Protect Yourself

Let's take a trip down memory lane. In 1997 the Redskins came after Maryland’s taxpayers. Continue reading

Montanans Pay for Los Angeles Stadium

Public financing of sports stadiums is corporate welfare. Period. Billionaire owners benefit from our taxpayer dollars and fans rarely get a good deal. Continue reading

NCAA Hit with Another Scandal

The other day, the FBI disclosed that four assistant basketball coaches and six others have been charged in two related NCAA corruption investigations. The allegations are damning: solicitation of bribes and gratuities, wiring dirty money across state lines. Continue reading