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FIFA: US Soccer is Failing its Duty

We recently sent a letter to FIFA headquarters in Switzerland. Having spent months studying American soccer, meeting with professional players and coaches, young athletes and officials, we at SFC felt compelled to share what we have learned. Continue reading

Opportunity is Knocking, Are Delegates Listening?

On Feb. 10th, the USSF Presidential Election is a Chance to Take Our Game Back  On October 10, 2017, in a World Cup qualifying game against Trinidad and Tobago, USMNT player Clint Dempsey’s second-half shot hit the post rather than going in the goal, and we failed to make the cut. While I’m sure that missed shot will haunt Dempsey forever, the soccer community should look at it for what it is - a gift. That missed goal opened our eyes to the systemic failures and the need for change at USSF and, as hard as it may be, we should be thankful for it. Continue reading

USSF has Failed its Mission and its Fans

In the latest chapter of the contentious US Soccer election, presidential candidate, Hope Solo, filed a formal complaint with the US Olympic Committee (USOC). Accusing USSF of abandoning its duty as a National Governing body and charging, “the USSF’s paramount concern has become protecting and nurturing the MLS, even if at the expense of other stakeholders, including those involved in professional women’s and amateur soccer.” Continue reading

SFC's Letter to US Soccer

This weekend, leading up to an important Board of Directors' meeting in New York, we sent a letter to Secretary General/CEO of USSF, Dan Flynn. Continue reading

It’s Time to End the Rigged Soccer System

While politicos across the country are anticipating the midterm elections later this year, the American soccer community is gearing up for an election of their own. On February 10, the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Board of Directors and Member Council Delegates will gather in Orlando for one of the most anticipated elections in American soccer history as they choose a new president. Continue reading

Bringing the Public Interest Back to Sports

Just like real estate, sports are all about location, location, location. There is nothing more local than your sports team; whether it’s your pro, minor, or youth team, sports provide pride to your community. It’s with that in mind that SFC is proud to announce the incorporation of Sports Fans Coalition New York, our first separate local chapter. SFCNY is based in New York City and will be tackling all the issues that plague the country’s largest sports market. Continue reading

A Yellow Card for Unsportsmanlike Behavior on USSF

It's been almost a century since women earned the right to vote. Yet, the United States Soccer Federation didn't quite get the memo. Continue reading

Is There Room in the House of Mouse?

Beyond protests, tax reform, or player injuries, our biggest concern this football season has been big media mergers that stand to harm our ability to watch the games we love. We were concerned with the proposed AT&T/Time Warner merger. We're even more concerned with the havoc Sinclair/Tribune will wreak on sports fans. But now, an even bigger behemoth is taking the field, the Mouse of Media, Disney. Continue reading

Save the Sportscasters, Save the World

The pending merger between Sinclair Broadcasting and Tribune Media poses a severe threat to the ability of sports fans to watch games across the country, including blacking out signals during fee negotiations with cable and satellite providers to strong-arm a deal. Continue reading

SFC Asks FTC to Reopen Investigation

Yesterday, along with National Consumers League and Consumers Action, we sent a letter to the FTC asking to reopen an investigation into fraud rampant through the ticket resale industry. “We are calling on the FTC to revisit the 2014 settlement, and broaden the scope of its investigation to cover other domain networks, increase punitive damages on these bad actors, and take more aggressive remedial actions to stop these websites from scamming consumers in the future,” read the letter. Continue reading