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SFC's Statement on President Trump's Comments

The heated conversation this season isn't who got traded to whom; it's about taking a knee. Ever since Colin Kaepernick took his knee last season and subsequently blacklisted, fans and players have been defending his constitutional right. Of course, there's been debate, and understandably so. But, until now that debate has been relegated to the comment sections of the Internet. That is until late last week when President Trump stated, "fire the son of a bitch." Continue reading

From the Stands: Kaepernick Deserves a Job

"From the Stands" is a recurring series written by fans and for fans. The views expressed here are the author's alone and do not necessarily reflect those of the Sports Fans Coalition or its partners. To submit your fan voice, click here and fill our the form. Continue reading

'Skins Fans Passionate about Danifesto

Redskins fans are known to be among the most passionate in the NFL. This season, though, they’ve channeled that passion into the Danifesto. We just surpassed the 2,000 signatures mark in DC, Maryland, and Virginia and we couldn’t be more happy with the fans of the DMV. Continue reading

An A for the A's

The Oakland Athletics may have finally figured out where they want to put their new stadium, but building it is going to be no small feat. The team’s desired spot is a choice chunk of land in central Oakland, overlooking beautiful Lake Merritt and right next to Laney College. Actually getting the land will require convincing its owner — the Peralta Community College District — to sell, as well as getting the city of Oakland to help out with infrastructure upgrades. But, for the A’s, all that trouble may be very much worth it. The team is going to privately fund its new stadium, and it believes the Peralta location is its best bet to do so. Continue reading

Danifesto: It's Been a Rough Week for Snyder

Coming off a loss to the Eagles last week, Dan Snyder continued to lose when the Danifesto hit DMV. Fans across the region began to express how they really felt about the owner of the Washington's NFL team. Continue reading

A Bipartisan Defense of Fans

Nothing unites the right and the left like sports. We see this time and time again, but most recently with the joint letter from Senators Booker and Hatch to the FTC. Continue reading

Congratulations, Cleveland

We at SFC have been so busy fighting the Sinclair-Tribune Merger and running our Danifesto that we almost forgot why we're all here — we love sports. As fans, we would be remiss if we didn't congratulate the Cleveland Indians on the 21st consecutive win. Continue reading

Viva la Concession!

We don’t need to get into the weeds too much for you to understand that the prices of concessions at sports stadiums is price gouging. Just look at these fans’ tweets: Continue reading

The Danifesto: Snyder Sets Sights on VA

Dan Snyder and the Redskins have expressed interest in moving out of FedEx Field in 2027. While construction might be far in the future, negotiations are beginning and sports fans need to weigh in now. Continue reading

Sports Provide the Silver Lining

Last week Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard and displaced thousands of people. It was a devastating disaster but while it may have damaged the city, it didn’t damage the spirit of Houston sports fans. Continue reading