BOSS Act Will Improve the Fan Experience

Sports Fans Coalition has long advocated for better live event ticketing legislation that would improve transparency, promote competition, and reduce fraud. The issues that plague sports fans when they try to purchase a baseball ticket or resell that ticket because they can no longer make the game are not new to sports fans. Fortunately, in the past couple of years, many states have heard SFC's plight and have made significant improvements to their marketplaces.

However, this has resulted in a patchwork of laws leaving fans  especially those who travel  with inconsistent protections. Representative Pascrell (D N-9) wants to solve this problem, especially for his constituent Devils fans. Last week, he introduced the Better Oversight of Secondary Sales Act (BOSS Act) which would create strong, enforceable consumer protections for fans in the ticketing marketplace.

The BOSS Act would:

  • Require all-in pricing that discloses the real cost of the ticket instead of hiding a bunch of fees until the end of the checkout process,
  • Create transparency in use of holdbacks. Holdbacks are when the primary venues divert a substantial number of tickets to secondary brokers, and
  • Mandate disclosures of whether or not a site is a primary or secondary seller, which would largely halt the fraudulent business practices of many white label brokers.

In a statement in Representative Pascrell's press release, Brian Hess, Executive Director said:

"The BOSS Act will provide much-needed clarity and consistency to an opaque marketplace riddled with deception and anticompetitive behavior. Sports Fans Coalition commends Congressman Pascrell for his leadership and advocacy on this issue.”

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