Coloradans Unite Against the Broncos

After the Broncos unceremoniously bucked their fans and revoked their tickets, SFC responded with a petition. In less than two weeks it was signed more than 1700 times. Coloradans have stood up against their hometown team and told them enough is enough. Here are just a few of our favorite comments.

Maybe Pat Bowlen should give up all rights to his team now that he has Alzheimer's Disease. Remove his name from all area's because he doesn't attend anymore. This is sad - and it's all about money - imagine that.” - Shelley L.

“Broncos, invest in common decency.” - Brad U.

“There is enough Bullshit in the World already, why add more??????” Jerry S.

We couldn’t agree more with the sentiments shared here. Let’s keep this petition going and get these fans back in their seats!

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