Congratulations, Mr. Cordeiro

Today, in the third round of voting, Carlos Cordeiro was elected as the next president of US Soccer and it is our hope that he will take the debates that happened during the campaign to heart.

From youth coaches, to fans, to MLS players, Americans who love the game engaged in a robust debate around issues like the pay-to-play culture of youth soccer and gender inequalities at the highest levels. Those conversations, whether online or in public forums like candidate interviews, put solutions to the issues US soccer faces front and center. While we may not have always agreed, we are hopeful that Mr. Cordeiro is eager to put his experience to good use and put US soccer on a path to growth and progress.

SFC plans to stay involved because our fans care, and because we view this election as an encouraging sign. SFC also looks forward to any opportunity to work alongside the new president of US Soccer to ensure a fan-centric future of the game. With the right stewardship, the beautiful game can be America’s game.

Here are the results from each round of voting:

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