The NFL is making campaign contributions to the concussion investigators in Congress. Here's our response.

The good news: A committee of members of Congress is currently investigating concussions, including the long-term impact of head injuries sustained while playing football.

The not-so-good news: The NFL's Gridiron PAC has contributed $310,000 to the campaigns of 43 of the 54 committee members, raising serious questions about their ability to be objective in their investigation.

With your help, we're going to do something about that — something that sports fans are really good at: We're going to get loud.

Help us demand that Congress reject any further campaign contributions from the Gridiron PAC until its concussion investigation is complete. Visit our action page to email the members leading the investigation — the email is already written, you just need to send it.

Now, we can't know for sure whether the NFL PAC's campaign contributions to Congress will impact its review of concussions. But even the appearance of influence by the NFL is problematic. After all, we know the NFL has previously tried to sway research into the impact of concussions. If we can get Congress to publicly reject future Gridiron PAC contributions until the investigation is completed, it'll send a clear message to the NFL that the fans demand answers that are honest and fair.

Email Congress right now, and make sure Congress and the NFL know we're watching them.

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