Danifesto: It's Been a Rough Week for Snyder

Coming off a loss to the Eagles last week, Dan Snyder continued to lose when the Danifesto hit DMV. Fans across the region began to express how they really felt about the owner of the Washington's NFL team.

"I'm fed up with Dan Snyder, his greed, and the way he has mismanaged this franchise. The Redskins were once an organization to be proud of, but the continually increased costs of tickets and game experience in general, coupled with the decline in on-field product and poor handling of management and media has turned this once great franchise into the laughing stock of the league. I had season tickets for 7 years before giving them up two seasons ago. I won't give any more of my money to this man." - Ryan K, Virginia

“The Redskins do not care about the community. Dan Snyder clearly only cares about money.” - Joshua M., Maryland

“Because Mr. Snyder can afford to pay it on his own. Plus he owns [sic] the fans for the crappy teams he puts together ever sense he took over. Our team was great before him!” - Ryan P., Washington, DC

More than 1,500 people have signed the three petitions so far. However, we've still not received a pledge yet from any leaders of the DMV. Keep signing, and protect yourself from Snyder.




Do you have any other stipulations if taxpayer dollars are used to build a new stadium in VA? Comment below to let us know what else you think Dan Snyder should give back to fans in exchange for our taxpayer dollars.


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