Everyone’s experienced a #StadiumRipoff

A few weeks ago we asked fans across the country to post photos of the outrageous price gouging at pro-sports stadiums. The response was enormous. 

And our suspicions were true: Everyone has experienced a #StadiumRipoff. $6 hot dogs, $10 beers, $30 parking… we’ve all been there.

Fans around the country responded with thousands of comments and photos on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of our favorites:

Jeffrey's Facebook Comment

And it’s not just a pro-sports games. Being a fan and going to the game of any team, no matter the league or professional level, is going to cost you. John B. commented that even the AAA ballpark in Omaha “Gatorade is 5 bucks and so is a small slice of pizza. Beers are close to $9.”

Unfortunately, the high prices keep some fans for even going out to games:

Or as Carl said:

Carl's Facebook comment

Team owners hike up prices just to turn a good profit, so we’re holding them accountable by posting these #StadiumRipoff photos. Keep them coming! Whenever you’re at the next game and find yourself encountering ridiculous prices, post it on social media with #StadiumRipoff.

Fans are getting screwed over not just with concessions or parking or ticket prices. To top it off, as Greg put it: 

Greg's Facebook Comment

And from Mark:

Mark's Facebook comment

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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