Four Hall of Fame Olympic Fans

The athletes in Rio are putting on a can't-miss show, but the fans are giving them some pretty serious competition.

This week, the Fan Hall of Fame honors four superfans who are taking their patriotic pride to the next level — and beyond.

1. Enzo, the Brazilian volleyball die-hard.

Enzo won us over with pure emotion. The nephew of Brazilian beach volleyball player Larissa Franca Maestrini, he rode the ups and downs of their matchup with Switzerland like a champ.

This face is what sports are all about:

(Source: SB Nation, 8/14/2016)

2. Darya Safai, the Iranian women's rights activist.

Sports and politics converge often and in many ways. The latest example occurred at the Iran-Russia men's volleyball match, where Iranian activist Darya Safai held a large banner proclaiming, "LET IRANIAN WOMEN ENTER THEIR STADIUMS."

In Iran, women are generally banned from attending all-male sporting events, so Darya used Rio's global stage to spread her message of political reform and gender equality. After initially being asked to take down her sign at a previous match, Darya subsequently met with venue officials and got their permission to keep it up. Keep up the good work, Darya!

3. Leslie Jones, the comedian who showed news outlets how to do their job.

After NBC commentators (not to mention a host of other media outlets) were criticized for ill-advised comments that downplayed female athletes' accomplishments, Leslie Jones of Saturday Night Live decided to show them all what's up.

On site in Rio, Jones has delighted fans with her takes on the action that are equally hilarious and utterly sincere as a sports fan. The former college basketball player has earned rave reviews and injected some serious fan energy into the Rio proceedings.

4. The mesmerizing dancing Thai weightlifting fan.

What would a Fan Hall of Fame be without a hilarious dancing fan?

We're not about to find out. So we give you the incomparable Thai weightlifting fan who graced us with these glorious moves:

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