How Can Fans Solve the CTE Epidemic?

Lately, we’ve been so busy talking tax reform, we’ve forgotten about an equally important issue: concussions.

As we’ve been lobbying on your behalf the past few weeks about sports stadium financing, everyone we’ve met has asked, “what are you doing about concussions?”

Well, we’ve been involved before with our concussion cover-up which resulted in more than 70,000 letters to your representative asking they return any contribution from the NFL during the concussion investigation. However, this has not been enough. The NFL continues to disregard player health and safety in the name of profit. After all, they just reneged on their pledge to fund research.

CTE is a real and present danger — especially to our child athletes. It causes lasting brain damage and alters the personality of the victim. It even contributes to Alzheimer's and dementia. We, as fans, need to do more. How do you think we should solve the problem? How to protect our players and the spirit of the game?

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