It’s Time to Hold USSF Accountable

Sports Fans Coalition may have stopped buying billboards, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped caring about soccer fans everywhere. Since the election, SFC has partnered with Olympic gold medalist and World Cup Champion, Hope Solo, to bring the fight to Washington.

Last month, Hope and the Coalition met with several Senators to discuss everything we learned from the campaign trail during our recent involvement in the U.S. Soccer presidential campaign. Among our concerns are USSF’s continued discrimination against women, the toxicity of the MLS/SUM relationship, how the “pay-to-play” structure is prohibitive, and the lack of transparency in USSF’s governance.

That was only the beginning. We are committed making sure that the future of soccer is fan-centric and is fair to all players regardless of gender or income status.

Ensuring that future begins with you. Fill the form out below to join our letter writing campaign to the Senate Commerce Committee and demand that they hold U.S. Soccer accountable.

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