Loud cheers of thanks from these Jazz fans

What the owners of the Utah Jazz did last week was incredibly special. And judging by the response we got from fans, you’re incredibly grateful.

Giving every sports owner a lesson in loyalty, the Miller family announced that they were setting up a legacy trust for the team. That sounds complicated, but it’s not — it just practically guarantees that the Jazz will never leave Salt Lake City.

And when we asked fans what they thought about this development, they roared in approval — especially these Jazz fans:

“Thank you for preserving my team and keeping them where they belong. I'm excited that now I can take my children to Jazz games as they grow, just like my dad took me. You've done an amazing thing.”
- Meg from American Fork, UT

“As a lifetime fan there are no words to describe my heartfelt thanks. Larry is smiling down on this one.”
- Brandon from Elsinore, UT

“My four year old daughter asks regularly if we can go to a Jazz game. It fills my heart with joy to know that years from now, the answer will still be ‘YES!’ THANK YOU MILLER FAMILY!”
- Larsen from West Valley City, UT

“Your family is as Utah as the Jazz are. Utah, the Miller family and the Jazz will always go hand in hand. Proud of our great state and the Jazz organization. Thank you.”
- Alan from Salina, UT

“We pay extra every year to be able to watch the Jazz games. We bring Jazz Nation to Michigan! Thank you so very much for the gift of the Jazz!”
- Arlyne from Westland, MI

“You have created the model organization for all professional sports. I believe a championship will come, but even if it doesn't, it wouldn't have been worth winning if it had required you to sacrifice the admirable way you operate the team. Jazz Nation looks forward to being on top in every way!”
- Paul from Park City, UT

“It's so amazing to see Gail keep Larry's dream alive and keep the team here! I love what she said about the team not belonging to the Miller's but to the community. What a marvelous legacy!! I love my Jazz. Even my license plates proclaim it. They say ILVUTJZ. Thank you!!”
- Holly from Salt Lake City, UT

“Thank you Miller family. You've brought us so much fun over the years! Thanks for putting the community and fans first!”
- Suzanne from Salt Lake City, UT

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