Maryland joins DC and Virginia in adopting the Sports Bettors’ Bill of Rights

On April 12, the Maryland House of Delegates passed a Senate-amended version of HB 940, which legalized sports betting in Maryland. These amendments contained the Sports Bettors’ Bill of Rights, the same consumer protections that govern Virginia and the District of Columbia’s sports betting marketplaces.

“We really have to thank Senator Craig Zucker for championing the rights of sports bettors,” said Brian Hess, Executive Director of Sports Fans Coalition. “He took the Bill of Rights and just ran with it, making sure that the consumer’s voice was heard during every step of the process.”

The originally passed version of HB 940 had laudable ambitions but fell short of protecting consumers from the predatory practices of the industry. Sports Fans Coalition spoke out in favor of improving the bill and offered amendments which the Senate accepted and passed. The House, during the final hours of the legislative session, voted 122-16-1 to pass the Sports Bettors’ Bill of Rights. 

About half of the country has legalized sports betting, but Maryland now joins the ranks as one of the most consumer-friendly states in the nation. Marylanders should be proud. 

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