The NFL Draft. So fun, until you remember the owners.

You know what's pretty cool? The NFL Draft.

Seriously: On no other night can you watch your favorite college players making lifelong dreams come true while your favorite NFL teams (hopefully) find the building blocks for Super Bowl runs.

But we all know that for these young men, it isn't always roses.

They're entering a league that has spent years peddling flawed concussion research and then tries to intimidate the media who report on it.

A league that rarely puts fans first, and one that generally treats players as cogs in a machine that lines the pockets of billionaire owners who make Ebenezer Scrooge look like Bill Gates.

A league with owners who are...well...not exactly "fan favorites either." Just look at some of the recent lowlights we've seen.

There's Jerry Jones, who, somehow, dismissed any link between CTE and football as "absurd."

And Stan Kroenke, who abandoned St. Louis, and then tried to short players of money by inserting Missouri labor laws into their contracts.

And you can't mention owners who are bad to fans without mentioning Dan Snyder, who sold stale World Cup beer to fans at FedEx Field three and a half months after the World Cup began.

So while we're all excited to cheer for the next superstars of our favorite teams, we can't lose sight of all the work we have left to do to preserve our favorite sport.

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