The NFL draft is over. Now what?

On Saturday, Kalan Reed out of Southern Miss became Mr. Irrelevant—the last player taken in the NFL draft. And with his selection, one of the most exciting events of the offseason has ended. But before you break into a sweat wondering how you’ll get by without football, take a minute to relax. Because another big NFL moment is coming up, and Sports Fans Coalition needs your help.

Beginning May 23, the NFL will hold its annual spring meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. On the docket will be a few potential rule changes, an expansion of game-day rosters, and more.

But there are a few topics that don't seem to be on the agenda that impact football fans everywhere.

For instance, why so many owners keep dismissing the impact of concussions, and the link between brain injury and playing football.

Or why are owners still allowed to extort their local communities and fans with threats of relocation to secure sweeter deals for new stadiums?

Or how long will it take for team owners and executives to donate the money they received from pay-for-patriotism displays paid for by the DoD?

Roger Goodell and the owners should be answering these questions. But they won't unless we force them to.

That's where you come in. If you want to get answers to some real questions during the NFL spring meeting, tell us what you want the owners to be talking about. We'll be reaching out to the NFL during the meetings to let them know their fans are demanding a seat at the table.

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