Players are still getting hurt & the NFL still doesn’t care

Over the next two weeks, NFL teams will kick off their training camps.

While fans like us are excited that the season is getting closer, we remain extremely concerned about the health and well-being of the players who we root for.

Even though it’s still only the offseason, we keep hearing about new developments in the ongoing debate around the risks of playing football and the NFL's pattern of downplaying that risk — and even covering it up.

Almost 1,500 ex-NFL players filed a lawsuit against the NFL in May 2015, alleging that all 32 teams in the league peddled painkillers to players and lied about the aftereffects of the drugs. Last week, a federal judge let the suit proceed — we’ll have to watch closely to see how the NFL reacts.

And in even more damning evidence of the NFL’s concussion cover-up, Detroit Lions great Calvin Johnson admitted to having his “fair share” of concussions during his career. But in his 78 appearances on the NFL injury report, there has not been a single mention of concussions.

How many more brain injuries will the NFL to hide before training camp ends?

One thing is certain: players are demanding change in the way player safety is handled.

Packers legend and former Heisman Trophy winner Paul Hornung sued helmet manufacturer Riddell Inc. last week, arguing that the football helmets he wore during his career failed to protect him against brain injury.

The NFL may be trying to downplay or even hide concussions and players’ risk of brain injury on the field, but we know better. The league has a lot of work to do in gaining back fan and player trust.

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