You've asked the questions, now it's time for answers

Over the past two weeks, sports fans everywhere have been submitting questions about the NFL's concussion cover-up. And now those questions are headed to the NFL's senior vice president for health and safety policy, Jeff Miller.

Your hard-hitting questions show just how strongly the this community cares about the safety and health of NFL players. Fans like Steven from Massachusetts asked,

"Will you wait for your son or grandson to 'lose some marbles' before defying big money owners and trying to fix this issue?"

For Steven and many other fans, the NFL needs to stop disregarding the danger that its players encounter every day on the field. "This danger is real, these guys have families, children, loved ones..." says Tammy from Florida.

Other fans want to know what the deal is with the NFL's campaign contributions to members of Congress investigating concussions. Check out this blistering question from Emily in Florida:

"It is obvious that you couldn't care less about the lives of the football players, as judged by your generous donations to certain members of Congress who may block legislation dealing with the investigation of player concussions and their aftermath. How do you justify your actions otherwise?"

We want to know the answer too, Emily. And with the help of the entire Sports Fans Coalition, we're going to find out.

You still have a chance to submit your questions — we'll include them in the next batch we send over to the NFL.

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