The owners of America's sports teams are being put on watch

Team owners. The only words in sports that annoys us more than "TV Timeout." Owners make us pay an arm and a leg to see our favorite team, force us to foot the bill for new stadiums they should be paying for themselves, and price concessions on par with a five-star restaurant.

Every once in awhile they do something so foul that the media calls them out on it. But then the headlines fade, and the status quo remains, and we're left wondering why they make supporting our favorite teams so hard.

It's time someone holds owners accountable for what they do and say to fans. With your help, we're going to do just that.

Owner Watch ends the free pass for the things they say and do. When owners say or act in a way that is anti-fan, we call them out on it. And really there's no better time to start this up. NFL owners are gathered in Charlotte for day 2 of their spring meetings. No group of owners is better at putting profits over player safety, or leveraging the threat of relocation to hose their communities.

So here's what you can do:

First, take a look at our Owner Watch page.

Then, think about all the things your favorite teams' owners (in any league) have done to you and fellow fans, and make an Owner Watch submission.

And finally, follow @SportsFanOrg on Twitter. We're going to be sharing some of our most egregious Owner Watch entries over the next couple of days.

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