Protect Yourself from Sports Betting Harms

In the post-PASPA era industry and consumer advocates have been clamoring to pass sports betting legislation in the states. As of now, ten states have passed sports betting. Sports fans love to bet on their favorite teams. However, SFC worries about this wave of legislation. In an effort for quick cash, states are ignoring valuable consumer protections that would allow the legitimate market to better compete with the black market.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) prohibited states, private entities, or individuals from engaging in sports betting. Since the passage of PASPA sixteen years ago, the black market for sports betting has flourished and has even grown to incorporate online sports betting and interactive gaming elements. The American Gaming Association estimates that the black market handles $150 billion annually. Just the Super Bowl has more than $4.6 billion bet illegally. These bettors are sports fans who have no shield from fraud, no guarantee of data security or privacy and no recourse in the case of a dispute. These are all protections that would afford them a legal, well-regulated market. This is why we need the Sports Bettors' Bill of Rights!

The rights that all sports betting legislation should include are:

  1. Integrity & Transparency
  2. Data Privacy & Security
  3. Self-Exclusion
  4. Protection of the Vulnerable
  5. Recourse

If you agree with these rights and want you and your loved ones to be protected when your state legalizes sports betting, sign the petition below. We will use it to make sure that your state does its part to protect you and all other sports fans.

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