Rep. Pallone Throws Flag on NFL's TV Foul

Sports Fans Coalition cheers Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), the Ranking Minority Member of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, for his remarks about the NFL at today's Duke Law Forum.  Rep. Pallone said that the NFL's antitrust exemption might have "become a multi-billion dollar handout to a special interest" and that the American people "should also understand whether the league is operating as a monopoly."  Sports Fans Coalition issued the following statement:

"We thank Rep. Pallone for calling into question the antitrust exemption enjoyed by the NFL and for raising the question of whether the NFL is operating as a monopoly.  There is a trend right now among lawmakers.  They see that sports fans don't want any more public subsidies for professional sports leagues unless fans and consumers get a fair return-- including better access to games, whether on video or at the stadium.  We hope that Rep. Pallone's concerns are heard by antitrust enforcement officials at the Federal Trade Commission, which falls within the oversight jurisdiction of the Energy and Commerce Committee."

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