Save the Sportscasters, Save the World

The pending merger between Sinclair Broadcasting and Tribune Media poses a severe threat to the ability of sports fans to watch games across the country, including blacking out signals during fee negotiations with cable and satellite providers to strong-arm a deal.

Sinclair’s favorite past time isn’t baseball; it’s firing sports departments. If the Sinclair-Tribune merger is approved, WGN Chicago will likely lose Pat Tomasulo, Dan Roan, and Lauren Magiera. History is the best predictor of the future, after all.

These reporters are legendary. WGN has been a cornerstone of Chicago sports fandom for decades. To see it threatened is disheartening. This merger is an enormous threat to sports fans, and we’ve been fighting alongside the Coalition to Save Local Media to deny this merger.

It’s an uphill battle, so we need to ensure that we protect those we care about on our local news teams. Our latest endeavor is to secure the jobs of Pat Tomasulo, Dan Roan, and Lauren Magiera. We are asking Chicagoans to sign our petition requesting Attorney General Lisa Madigan sue to block the merger and save our favorite reporter’s jobs.

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