SFC Asks FTC to Reopen Investigation

Yesterday, along with National Consumers League and Consumers Action, we sent a letter to the FTC asking to reopen an investigation into fraud rampant through the ticket resale industry. “We are calling on the FTC to revisit the 2014 settlement, and broaden the scope of its investigation to cover other domain networks, increase punitive damages on these bad actors, and take more aggressive remedial actions to stop these websites from scamming consumers in the future,” read the letter.

We’ve covered the problem with white label ticket sites before, and have heard from many fans about times they've been victims of this fraud. White label ticket sites are designed to confuse consumers by appearing to be the primary seller and then charging exorbitant fees at the very end of the transaction -- often, doubling the price!

Click here to read the full letter.

Please, let us know if you believe you’ve been a victim. Did you pay for a ticket that ended up not being available? Did you pay for a ticket and later realize that you paid way too much in fees? Did you log on to a website that looked like the team's or stadium's website but turned out to be a fake? Comment below to share your stories.


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