SFC’s 2016 Scoreboard


We’re all about speaking up on behalf of sports fans on issues where our voices aren’t usually heard. Here’s where you spoke up in 2016:


We called out the conflict of interest of members of Congress receiving campaign contributions from the NFL at the same time they were investigating the league’s handling of concussions.


The billionaire owners of the Texas Rangers wanted to replace its beautiful stadium (built in 1994 to last 100 years), and wanted local taxpayers to foot half the bill — a giveaway of $500 million of public money. More than 10,000 fans across the country spoke out against this plan, but voters ultimately agreed to it by a slim margin in November.


We’ve been calling out the greed of sports team owners all year: from the #StadiumRipoff of outrageous concession prices, the possible Oakland Raiders’ move to L.A., and the shameful actions of specific NFL owners’ here and here.


We shared football memories, stories about our fan families, and examples of how we pay too much for concessions.


Standing up for fans everywhere is what we’re all about. But we also love hearing your stories of sports memories and why you’re a fan. Keep them coming.

Not only do we love to watch sports, but we love to chat sports business and news -- and how it affects us, the fans -- on Facebookand Twitter pages. Follow us and join in the conversation!

Thanks for being a part of Sports Fans Coalition in 2016. We look forward to continuing the fight to put fans first in 2017.



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