Shot Clock Runs Out in Utah

State legislators across the country are fighting to protect sports fans from unfair ticketing practices. The latest battle? The transferability of tickets.

More and more frequently, we are seeing venues and team owners forbidding fans from giving or selling their tickets to another individual. If you have an emergency and can't attend a game? Tough! Need a little extra cash? No dice! These policies are anti-fan through-and-through.

Utah has been a battleground for this issue. Utah state Representative Wilson and Senator Henderson have been advocates for sports fans all session as these legislators fought to allow fans to transfer tickets to whomever they want. Wilson and Henderson introduced and championed the Consumer Ticket Protection Amendments, which would have ensured that a person can give her ticket away, or sell it, without retribution.

It was an underdog story, the kind we sports fans love! Our opposition was stacked with industry heavyweights. However, in the end, lawmakers took the side of sports fans and a compromise was reached. The legislation received overwhelming support in both chambers.  That's the good news.

Unfortunately,  the shot clock ran out before the final vote could be cast. This means that the bill died at the last minute and will not become law. However, the fight is far from over.

Executive Director, Brian Hess, issued the following statement:

“The Consumer Ticket Protection Amendments are exactly the kind of protections that Jazz fans need.  Being able to transfer tickets is about protecting everyday fans from losing money because of an emergency. We thank Representative Wilson and Senator Henderson for all their hard work this session to give fans the peace of mind they deserve.  Fans will be back in force to help enact this legislation the next time it comes up.”

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  • chad jacobs
    commented 2018-04-25 15:32:12 -0400
    This seems pretty crazy. I would be so mad if something happened and I couldn’t sell my tickets. Without fans sports really becomes much less interesting and much less financially viable. Bye-bye scholarships for sure. I hope they get this straightened out and that the rest of the country will take similar action to prevent this kind of antics.

    Chad Jacobs @