Sports Fans Coalition Opposes Colorado Senate Bill 60, Proposes Bill of Rights instead

This week, Sports Fans Coalition traveled to Denver, CO to oppose SB 060.

Senator Robert Rodriguez's bill positions itself as consumer protection legislation, but in fact will harm more consumers. We testified in strong opposition saying:

"First and foremost, it should be telling that a bill entitled “Consumer Protection In Event Ticketing Sales” has no consumer protection organization I’m aware of supporting it. In fact, some of the most prominent consumer protection organizations in the country oppose this bill. 

Let me be clear, SFC and many of our fellow consumer protection organizations generally support the concepts in Section 2 of SB 060, though we believe they could be strengthened and added upon. This bill, however is a Trojan horse. The proponents of this legislation, Live Nation and Ticketmaster, in particular, have actually fought my organization and others like mine in almost every state that has considered many of these same provisions, including a largely similar bill in Maryland just yesterday. The difference in this bill is that this is the first time Live Nation/Ticketmaster has had the opportunity to regulate their competitors and become judge, jury, and executioner of the live event ticketing market. Giving venues, operators, and primary ticketers the ability to decide what is and isn’t a deceptive practice will lead to more consumer harm on a scale far greater than what we saw in 2017 when the Denver Broncos callously revoked the season ticket licenses of several fans because they resold their own tickets to games they couldn’t attend." 

No other consumer group showed up in support. In fact, every consumer group present opposed it. Even an individual local Coloradan, Arthur Lewis, told his Members to oppose this bill. 

Sadly, the committee sided with Ticketmaster and passed the bill 7-1. Now we need you, the fans. Fill out the form below and tell your Member to vote no on SB-60. 

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