Sports is the Bipartisan Breakthrough

Not too long ago, we asked you, the fans, to write your congressmen asking them to co-sponsor HR. 811 or S. 1342. These bills aim to eliminate the federal tax subsidy of sports stadiums. Right now, teams are exploiting you as taxpayers to finance construction of new sports stadiums. Over the past couple weeks, SFC climbed Capitol Hill, ran the labyrinth of the office buildings, and advocated on your behalf. Why should you subsidize a stadium you may never visit? Across the political spectrum, the people were sympathetic to the cause.

Staffers for fiscal conservatives and progressive Democrats have expressed great interest in the bill. We've met with the offices of Representatives Pete DeFazio, Charlie Dent, Rob Wittman, and Donald Beyer and Senators Kamala Harris, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Ben Cardin. We have many more meetings on the books. One by one the offices expressed interest in these two pieces of legislation. 

They want to establish a dialogue with us, with their colleagues, and, most importantly, with you. We have a chance to get something done here. But we need your help. Contact your members of Congress. Show them you care about this issue. And tell them we sent you. The more they hear from you means we can schedule more meanings and push these bills further along the field.

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