Speak out at the NFL spring meetings

It's not quite The Godfather's epic meeting of the five families, but it's close.

NFL owners are gathering in Charlotte next week for their annual spring meetings. The bosses will be there to discuss the state of the game, including proposed rule changes and other issues that'll have a direct impact on the game and, therefore, the fans.

So it's only fair that the fans have a voice in the proceedings. After all, we're the ones who buy the tickets, watch the games, wear the jerseys, and often fund the stadiums — we make the league work.

That's why we need to hear from you. Help set the agenda at the NFL spring meetings and make sure the owners hear the voice of the fans. Head over to our quick survey and tell the owners which issues you want them to address: concussions, public financing of stadiums, team relocation—whatever you think will make football more fun for you and your fellow fans.

It's just two questions that'll take a few minutes to answer—


We'll follow up soon with some of the responses from fans like you, and we'll make sure the owners hear us loud and clear.

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