The Right to Data Privacy and Security

The creation of the Sports Bettors’ Bill of Rights draws light upon the lack of consumer protections included in sports betting state legislation since the Supreme Court decision to repeal PASPA. Notably, the states neglect to include strong data privacy provisions which are top-of-mind to many consumers including sports fans.

Since unveiling the Bill of Rights earlier this week, thousands of American sports fans have shown their support by signing our petition below. Let’s break down the second right for all fans -- The Right to Data Privacy and Security.

Every day, the US faces millions of attempts to breach data. The repeal of PASPA creates a new gateway for hackers to tap into consumers information because the industry runs on high volume, high-frequency financial transactions. The data transmitted and stored when placing a bet threatens a users’ data privacy and security, specifically credit card information.

Lawmakers need to guarantee consumers data is secure and protected. Without the safeguards in place, sports bettors are just as susceptible to bad actors in the legal marketplace as they are in the black market.

“The Right to Data Privacy and Security” is another protection that the black market currently doesn’t offer sports bettors. The right will set a standard for the industry to ensure users data is secure, incentivizing consumers to utilize the legal sports betting platforms. In the digital age, the protection of sports bettors data must be prioritized.

Learn more by reading our white paper on sports betting.

If you agree that there need to be secure data privacy provisions, sign the petition below and join the fight!

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