The Right to Protection of the Vulnerable

Since unveiling the Bill of Rights earlier this week, thousands of American sports fans have shown their support by signing our petition below. Let’s break down the fourth right for all fans --The Right to Protection of the Vulnerable.

Children and youth are some of the most vulnerable people when it comes to bad actors in sports betting. Especially when it comes to online sports betting, operators must be required to verify the age of the account holder. As such, operators must block anyone younger than the state’s minimum age. Furthermore, in everyday settings, the availability, and advertising of sports betting should be eliminated where youth and children are likely to be present.

In addition to children, at-risk gamblers are especially vulnerable to sports betting. All sports bettors must have readily available information through their preferred operator about addiction warning signs, treatment, and more. Additional resources can include responsible gaming programs, training, and other practices to help sports bettors play responsibly. Operators must offer these resources to be proactive in assisting their at-risk users from becoming a problem gambler.

The black market does not offer, “The Right to Protection of the Vulnerable.” We must defend those who are unable to protect themselves from bad actors in the marketplace. If you agree and want to protect those at risk, sign the petition below to join the fight!

Learn more by reading our white paper on sports betting.

If you agree and want to unlock your state’s fullest economic potential, sign the petition below and join the fight!

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