We're winning, Sports Fans!

But there’s still a lot of game time left.

Today, House Republicans unveiled the details of their new tax reform bill. While some are opposed to it, there’s one piece that all sports fans can get behind. Remember the No Tax Subsidies for Stadiums Act? That little bill that would eliminate the federal subsidies of tax stadiums? House Republicans have included the same language in the broader tax reform plan. Thousands of sports fans wrote their Congressman and were instrumental in this accomplishment.

In a Facebook Live stream with us this afternoon, Rep. Russell (R-OK), the original sponsor of the bill, said, “We look for waste all the time in government, and it's not hard to find it.” He continued by explaining that there are municipal bonds that were meant for major infrastructure improvement projects but that some people began to abuse it. This abuse is what inspired him to introduce the bipartisan bill. “It [HR 811] will save billions of dollars over a decade,” the Congressman highlighted.

You can watch the whole conversation here.

He is very appreciative of the hard work sports fans across the country have put in to make sure that this much-needed reform remains. Our voices were heard loud and clear, and now we have Big Sports on their heels. We still need to fight, though. Keep writing and calling. Tell your Congressman to support the elimination of federal subsidies for sports stadiums.

Great work, Sports Fans! Let’s keep it up!

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