What Makes a Good Deal?

We’ve written at great length on the bad deals struck between cities and their respective sports teams. We’ve covered Las Vegas risking their children’s education for the Raiders sports stadium, the Atlanta Falcons owners restricting which fans can attend games, and even the regular run-of-the-mill extortive activity happening between owners and local governments.

Earlier this week we wrote about just a few of the worst deals in NFL stadiums. We want you to know that we are not anti-stadium, we love new stadiums, but we also believe fans interests should be protected in these deals. So, how would do we propose to protect fans interests?

If an owner or league receives any public benefit from taxpayers, the fans must get the following in return:

  • Reasonable concession prices

  • Discounts for taxpayers

  • Discounts for public servants like military, teachers, and nurses

  • Low-income fan seating options

  • Free use for public schools and youth league games

  • A pledge the team will not leave its local community for at least 20 years

These requests aren’t unreasonable, and they’ll barely make a dent in the money chests of these multi-billion dollar franchises. If you agree with any of the above demands join us, and together we can make these a reality!


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