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Every Fan Deserves a Voice.

Sports Fans Coalition (SFC) is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of sports fans nationwide.

Right now, we’re fighting for player safety. The NFL has given $292,000 in campaign contributions to certain members of Congress investigating the connection between concussions and playing football. Fans and players deserve better than that.

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Latest News

The Patriots Aren't the Only Cheaters in Sports

August 18, 2017

Fans already suffer through blackouts on a regular basis, the proposed merger between Sinclair Broadcasting Group and Tribune Media will do nothing but increase them and all while raising prices on fans. 

Broncos Buck Fans

August 17, 2017

When the Broncos win, every fan in Denver wins with them, but when the Broncos organization recently enacted a new policy for fans, not every fan came out on top.

Have You Been Duped?

August 16, 2017

Imagine your birthday is coming up, and your grandma wants to buy you tickets to a Yankees-Red Sox game to celebrate. It’s a huge rivalry, and so tickets are a little hard to come by. She googles ticket sites and clicks one of the first to appear, she enters her credit card information, and never receives the ticket. Grandma has just fallen victim to ticket fraud.

Fan Manifesto

We are led by the fans, for the fans.
We fight to make sure our favorite sports put the fans first.
We call out the leagues and owners when they're greedy and dishonest.
We protect our favorite players to keep the game safe and exciting.
We spend our hard-earned money on tickets and jerseys,
so we have the power to make sports better when we work together.
We cheer, we scream, we speak out—
because we are sports fans, and we have a voice.