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Sports Fans Coalition (SFC) is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of sports fans nationwide.

Right now, we’re working to protect fans from the wave of sports betting legalization. We support legalization if states employ strong, enforceable consumer protections. Learn what your rights are, and sign the Sports Bettors' Bill of Rights. 

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Restoring Student-Athlete Rights

March 15, 2019

Yesterday afternoon, Rep. Mark Walker (R NC-6) introduced the Student-Athlete Equity Act to restore the rights of student-athletes. By conditioning the NCAA's tax exemption, the legislation hopes to give student-athletes power of their personal identity and likeness. So now, the NCAA must choose — do what's right or pay taxes.

Give College Athletes Collective Bargaining!

March 01, 2019

It's no secret that the NCAA doesn't usually act in the interest of the student athletes they govern. After the tragic death of University of Maryland offensive lineman, Jordan McNair, one Maryland state delegate and former college athlete took it upon herself to provide a way for college athletes to protect themselves. Del. Brooke Lierman introduce HB 548 which would grant college athletes the right to collectively bargain with the university.  Executive Director, Brian Hess, testified in support of this bill:

Sports Bettors' Bill of Rights Introduced in Virginia

January 08, 2019

Today, Delegate Marcus Simon (D VA-53) introduced HB 2210 which would provide robust and enforceable consumer protections while creating a legal marketplace for sports betting. If consumer protections are important to you, be sure to sign the letter to the Virginia House of Delegates below showing your support.

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We are led by the fans, for the fans.
We fight to make sure our favorite sports put the fans first.
We call out the leagues and owners when they're greedy and dishonest.
We protect our favorite players to keep the game safe and exciting.
We spend our hard-earned money on tickets and jerseys,
so we have the power to make sports better when we work together.
We cheer, we scream, we speak out—
because we are sports fans, and we have a voice.