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Sports Fans Coalition (SFC) is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of sports fans nationwide.

Right now, we’re working to protect fans from the wave of sports betting legalization. We support legalization if states employ strong, enforceable consumer protections. Learn what your rights are, and sign the Sports Bettors' Bill of Rights. 

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MD SB 539/HB 701: Ticket Resale Shouldn’t be a Crime in Maryland

March 02, 2024

When Maryland SB539/HB701 was introduced, Sports Fans Coalition immediately recognized the well-intentioned nature of the ticketing consumer protection bill. However, the solutions proposed would have massive unintended consequences that would exacerbate harms to sports fans – including criminalizing a fan reselling their ticket. 

Youngkin’s Fumbled Arena Plan Shines Light on Sportswashing

February 22, 2024

In December of last year, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) surprised all of the Commonwealth with a “half-baked” scheme to bring the Capitals and Wizards, owned by his long-time friend and co-investor, billionaire Ted Leonsis, across the Potomac River and into Virginia. The sweetheart deal included a record-setting $1.4 billion in taxpayer subsidies.     Between the bogus economic analyses, laughable traffic mitigation plans, and a plethora of political mistakes, the glaring threat to American professional sports was overlooked – the influence foreign money plays in our politics and our fandoms. 

NBCUniversal Locks Out Chiefs and Dolphins Fans

January 12, 2024

Sports Fans Coalition Executive Director Brian Hess issued the following statement in advance of the Chiefs vs Dolphins game streaming on Comcast/NBC-Universal’s Peacock app:

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We are led by the fans, for the fans.
We fight to make sure our favorite sports put the fans first.
We call out the leagues and owners when they're greedy and dishonest.
We protect our favorite players to keep the game safe and exciting.
We spend our hard-earned money on tickets and jerseys,
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We cheer, we scream, we speak out—
because we are sports fans, and we have a voice.