Sports Fans Coalition Calls on U.S. Soccer Federation to Address Claims of Discrimination

Sports Fans Coalition over the years has called for reforming the governance system of the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) to allow for open, fair competition and maximum participation by Americans from all communities.  That is why we are concerned about the claims made by La Asociación Nacional Fútbol en Estados Unidos (National Association of Soccer in the United States) about unfair and discriminatory practices by USSF.  These complaints include allegedly willful attempts to deny a predominantly Latino organization from full and equal participation in youth, amateur soccer in the U.S. and, if true, could constitute serious violations of antitrust and anti-discrimination policies and laws of the United States.  We urge USSF to agree to a third party audit and report of its practices with respect to the claims made by the National Association of Soccer.

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