Fixing U.S. Soccer

The United States Soccer Federation is rife with problems. A massive wage gap between men and women, discrimination against lower-income talent, conflicts of interests on the board, and a lack of transparency in the Federation's governance are just a few of the many issues plaguing soccer in America. 

All of these problems stem from a toxic relationship between Major League Soccer and Soccer United Marketing (SUM), the for-profit arm of USSF. Many members of the USSF board and MLS have a vested interest in the financial success of SUM. As such, the owners of MLS hoard the revenue generated by SUM instead of distributing it among all levels of soccer. 

The Ted Stevens act mandates that USSF advances all levels of play, especially amateur and youth sports. It is our mission to work with members of the soccer community and Congress to fix US Soccer and secure a fan-centric future of the game. 


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  • Sai Pallavi
    commented 2021-07-30 05:24:08 -0400