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Taxpayers Increasing Investments for Foreign Wealth Funds Disguised through Private Equity

Do you know that your favorite sports teams owners have ties to sovereign wealth funds run by countries with abysmal human rights records like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates? Do you know that Americans like yourself are paying taxes to foot the bill for these stadiums, increasing the value of their investment for these countries? Continue reading

SFC Celebrates Multi-billion dollar Verdict Against NFL

Last Thursday in Los Angeles, a jury for the NFL antitrust lawsuit found that the National Football League (NFL) violated antitrust laws by conspiring to inflate Sunday Ticket prices for 2.4 million residential subscribers and 48,000 commercial subscribers. Continue reading

DOJ Lawsuit Against Ticketmaster Sheds Light on Anticompetitive Conduct

Today the DOJ, joined by 30 state Attorneys General, announced the long anticipated lawsuit against Live Nation/Ticketmaster alleging that Live Nation has locked venues into exclusive contracts, pressured artists to use its services, and threatened rivals with financial retaliation. It also highlights the anticompetitive ticket sales tactics that Live Nation/Ticketmaster employs to restrict fans rights through tools like SafeTix.  Continue reading

Senators Call for Investigation into Formula 1

Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and other Senators are calling on DOJ and FTC to investigate Formula 1 for potential antitrust violations for their rejection of Andretti/Cadillac from joining the Formula 1 grid. Despite having its application previously accepted by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) - the regulatory body governing Formula 1 - Andretti/Cadillac is being prevented from participating by the commercial rights owner of the racing league, Liberty Media. Continue reading

NFL Private Equity Proposal Opens the Door to More Sportswashing

Today the NFL is expected to vote on rules which would allow for private equity investment in teams and their franchises for the first time. Sports Fans Coalition is sounding the alarm on the dangers this could pose to American fandom. Continue reading

#MonumentalDisaster Campaign is a Monumental Victory

On December 13th, Sports Fans Coalition, in partnership with the National Consumers League launched the #MonumentalDisaster campaign to oppose the publicly financed move of the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals to Alexandria. Nearly 3,000 sports fans signed our petition telling lawmakers to oppose the deal. Shortly thereafter, we partnered with the Coalition to Stop the Arena (STA) to support a powerful, growing grassroots movement to push back against a billionaire, the local political machine, and the Governor.  Continue reading

Congress and the DOJ Must Act to Protect Sports Fans from Streaming Monopoly

For decades, broadcast and cable have been the primary way fans engage with their teams. More and more though, that fandom is moving away from the traditional media consumption and to the screens of phones and tablets. While we fans are fixated on the competition on the field, there’s a much higher-stakes competition going on that could reshape how we watch and pay for our favorite games. Continue reading

Sports Fans Coalition Statement on #MonumentalDisaster being excluded from the VA budget bill

"Every sports fan loves an underdog story, and today is no exception. Sports Fans Coalition applauds the Virginia General Assembly budget conferees for not including any language regarding the Monumental Sports & Entertainment arena proposal," said Brian Hess, Executive Director of Sports Fans Coalition. "There were many problems with this proposal, including spending billions in taxpayer funding, poor fan experience regarding traffic, and the myriad of conflicts of interests and questionable foreign sovereign wealth fund investments between Ted Leonsis and Governor Youngkin. Throughout the entire process, Senator Louise Lucas stood as a champion for sports fans across the commonwealth and exemplified unparalleled courage in the face of seemingly impossible odds. We urge the General Assembly to continue rejecting this 'half-baked' proposal." 

MD SB 539/HB 701: Ticket Resale Shouldn’t be a Crime in Maryland

When Maryland SB539/HB701 was introduced, Sports Fans Coalition immediately recognized the well-intentioned nature of the ticketing consumer protection bill. However, the solutions proposed would have massive unintended consequences that would exacerbate harms to sports fans – including criminalizing a fan reselling their ticket.  Continue reading

Youngkin’s Fumbled Arena Plan Shines Light on Sportswashing

In December of last year, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) surprised all of the Commonwealth with a “half-baked” scheme to bring the Capitals and Wizards, owned by his long-time friend and co-investor, billionaire Ted Leonsis, across the Potomac River and into Virginia. The sweetheart deal included a record-setting $1.4 billion in taxpayer subsidies.     Between the bogus economic analyses, laughable traffic mitigation plans, and a plethora of political mistakes, the glaring threat to American professional sports was overlooked – the influence foreign money plays in our politics and our fandoms.  Continue reading