A Legal Block in the Back

It’s rare an NFL owner will target the NFL itself. However, Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has had enough of Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Jones sits on the league’s compensation committee, the people who decide what to pay Goodell and, have so far given the commissioner $40 million. Jones must not be thrilled with Goodell’s performance because he just hired a lawyer, David Boies, to sue the league over the negotiations to extend Goodell’s contract.

This dispute may come from the controversy surrounding Cowboys’ star running back Ezekial Elliott’s suspension. Goodell suspended him for six games after Elliott’s girlfriend accused him of domestic violence. This has upset Jones which he claims was an “overcorrection.”

As of now, Goodell and the league have not been sued. What do you think? What’s your opinion on Goodell? Take our survey now.

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