Blacking Out the NFL

Race relations in this country are at a boiling point and, unfortunately, sports is no longer an escape. NFL owners have blackballed Colin Kaepernick over his protesting style and, in response, fans started #BlackOutNFL. The NFL is notorious for blacking out games to its fans, so now fans are blacking-out their fandom to the NFL. They have been wearing black t-shirts over their jerseys in protest. 

To recap, last season Colin Kaepernick chose to kneel during the National Anthem in silent protest of police brutality and the way the justice system treats people of color. However, his protest spoke volumes and created a large divide among fans. Kaepernick had inadvertently become the symbol of sports-race relations.

Now, seemingly because no one wants to risk the press, team owners have refused to sign a contract with him. So, if the NFL is going to blackout Kaepernick, fans are going to #BlackOutNFL.

The NFL is no stranger to controversy. Still recovering from the recent CTE study which showed that 110/111 of late NFL football players suffered from CTE, Goodell and the League can add this other thing to worry about. But, what are your thoughts on the #BlackOutNFL protest?

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