Good News for L.A. Dodgers Fans

Charter Communications announced today that beginning next Tuesday, June 9th, its subscribers in Los Angeles will be able to view Dodgers games on SportsNet LA. For over a year, while Comcast tried to buy Time Warner Cable (the parent of SportsNet LA), Sports Fans Coalition opposed the deal, pointing to the fact that only Time Warner Cable subscribers could view Dodgers games in their home market. Comcast eventually gave up its bid for Time Warner Cable amidst overwhelming opposition to the deal.

Today’s announcement vindicates Sports Fans Coalition’s staunch advocacy on behalf of L.A. Dodgers fans. Charter has announced its intent to buy Time Warner Cable but, unlike Comcast, seems to understand the importance of listening to sports fans and making the games more available. That’s good. Charter should be cheered by fans for getting this issue right. We hope it means even more availability of Dodgers games in the future.

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